In one of our introductory meetings we will pin down what you need from your film. From there we can work together to craft a story that embodies your message. Nothing is beyond our limits and together we can produce a film that we are both truly proud of. Dependent on the films requirements storyboards & concept ideas will be completed. Next we will agree on a schedule for the project, from the first days filming to the final editing tweaks to make your project perfect. 



Shooting is where our ideas start to come to life, using top of the range cameras and lenses we can capture everything from true 4k to super slow-motion. With a range of equipment including sliders, cranes and steadicams at our disposal we can make your film look slick and professional. For more information please see our kit list.

Take a look at the equipment I'm working with on this kit list.



Editing is where we piece all of our hard work together, choosing a song, cutting down interviews and giving your film it’s final polish is often overlooked but so crucial. We are proud to be using industry standard Adobe Creative Cloud and working on top specs Macintosh machines. Once you are happy with the film we have a variety of distribution options, the most popular being online hosting so you can download your film and use it wherever you like.