New XEEN Cinema Lenses

After shooting with our trusty Canon L Series lens's for several years we have decided to take our visuals to the next level. The 4k cinema lenses from XEEN seemed like the perfect match. What does this mean for our clients? Higher quality cinematic footage.

Our Xeen Family

The lenses work on both our Sony FS7 & A&Sii, meaning we can use them on our Movi, the stabiliser system that gets those cinematic moving shots. As we're excited about getting the lenses they're included for FREE to anyone who books us until the end of April 2018.

The main difference between these lenses and our old lenses are they're specifically made for film-making, the lenses iris opens wider, allowing for more light to hit the sensor. This in turn creates that beautiful shallow depth of field look that's so desirable. We're shooting with them for three days and can't wait to see the results. In the mean time below is a test shot on the XEEN 85mm T1.5. 

Working on that cinematic lighting - Narrative short film could be an option this year!

I'd love to try and make a short film this year, getting these lenses has inspired me to give it some real thought so potentially there could be a Vimy Ridge II on the way! (the short film I made as a student!) 

Thanks for reading my blog, I will update as I test the lenses more. 

Nico Turner